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Each year since 1988, December 1 has been recognised globally as World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day provides an opportunity to draw attention to the HIV epidemic around the world. Organisations and community groups often hold special events on or around December 1 to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS, remember loved ones who have died, show solidarity with people living with HIV and AIDS, celebrate survival and health, and raise money for HIV-related causes.

The red ribbon is recognised worldwide as the symbol for HIV and AIDS. Those who wear it, especially on World AIDS Day, are showing their support for those living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

In 2013, the global theme for World AIDS Day is

Getting to Zero:   

Zero new HIV infections.

Zero discrimination.

Zero AIDS-related deaths.

What is World AIDS Day Worldwide?

World AIDS Day Worldwide is a 24-hour radio and web-streaming extravaganza that will connect internationally renowned experts in HIV medicine and science with local and diverse community leaders globally.

December 1, World AIDS Day, coincides with the birthday of Australia’s LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*1 and intersex) radio station, Melbourne-based JOY 94.9. This year, World AIDS Day in Australia is particularly significant as it marks the launch of the official countdown to the International AIDS Conference, AIDS 2014, which is being held in Melbourne in July 2014. With more than 14,000 delegates expected, AIDS 2014 will be the largest conference on health and development issues ever held in Australia.

JOY 94.9’s World AIDS Day Worldwide is delivered in partnership with the AIDS 2014 secretariat and Living Positive Victoria. Together we’re providing an online platform for the global community to unite in one conversation about HIV over 24 hours on World AIDS Day… reminding all of us that anything is possible in a future filled with hope.

Every hour of the World AIDS Day Worldwide broadcast will be presented under one of six themes, which will be rotated and repeated four times during the broadcast. The themes of the broadcast follow the five themes of each day at the AIDS 2014 conference – these focus on different aspects of the epidemic and link to the overall conference theme, ‘Stepping Up the Pace‘. The sixth hour of each cycle will focus on the history, vision and community base of JOY 94.9.

  1. The term transgender* or trans* (with an asterisk) is used to denote not just transgender people, but transgender people and all gender non-conforming identities.