Hour 18 – 20 years of pure JOY

JOY 94.9 is a gay and lesbian volunteer-based community radio station committed to providing a voice for the diverse lesbian and gay communities, enabling freedom of expression, the breaking-down of isolation and the celebration of our culture, achievements and pride.

Manager of People, Services and Culture Leenie Fabri hosts this historic hour as we reflect on the 11 years since being granted a full-time broadcasting licence.

JOY’s general manager from 1998 to 2007, Paul Terdich, is credited with formulating the station’s visionary mission statement (see above). Paul joins us from his Singapore home, together with some of JOY’s most loved and longest-serving volunteers, to help us appreciate why securing the future of Australia’s only LGBTI radio station was so important.

Former station engineer Jayne Monroe joins the conversation and discusses how she physically put the station to air and why she was one on the founding presenters of the world’s oldest transgender radio program, ‘Transmission Time’.

Former programming manager Marg Gardner and current board member Trish Kerin discuss the challenges of getting women involved with JOY 94.9. In 2003 the station received $100,000 from the Foundation for Young Australians to provide training and accreditation to young people. This injection of funds propelled the station financially and delivered excellent presenters, many of which are still with the station today.

Marg discusses the licence renewal in 2006 and how it took a creative campaign of ‘love letters’ from the community to ensure we continued to broadcast. The stories that flooded in formed much of the motivation that drives the station today.

Trish share how she came to be at JOY and why her work on the board is so important to her growth as an empowered individual. In her role on the board, Trish assists with the governance of the station, providing strategy and stability to the operational side of the organisation. Trish has been a driving force in forming a risk management focus group that has helped secure the financial position of the station.

Supported by extensive and ongoing volunteer training, JOY 94.9 was an early adopter of podcasting technology. That investment means JOY now has more podcasts available for download than any other community radio station in Australia. With the station having been recently selected as a featured contributor for the launch of iTunes Australia’s new podcast store, JOY 94.9’s World AIDS Day Worldwide podcasts and vodcasts will enjoy ongoing global accessibility via one of the world’s largest media platforms.

In 2013, more than 329,000 people tune into JOY 94.9 on their FM radios each month – not bad for a community radio station restricted to a 16 km broadcast radius from Melbourne’s central business district! Globally, tens of thousands more people listen online via joy.org.au and smartphone apps.


Paul Terdich
Former general manager, JOY 94.9
Marg Gardner
Former program manager, JOY 94.9
Trish Kerin
Current board member, JOY 94.9
Jayne Monroe
Former engineer, JOY 94.9

Hosted by Leenie Fabri.

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