Hour 4: Searching for an HIV cure

Two of the world’s top medical scientists, Professor Sharon Lewin and Dr Rowena Johnston, join Katie Larsen to discuss their work in searching for a cure for HIV. While a cure was once thought impossible, the search for one is now a highly competitive area of science that has been reinvigorated by researchers and funders.

Our guests explain the difference between a ‘functional cure’ and a ‘sterilisation cure’ and give examples of a functional cure that has emerged in the last five years. Professor Lewin explains that AIDS 2014 will bring scientists, community representatives and leaders together who are all determined to see the end of HIV and AIDS.

Dr Johnston reminds us that as people live longer thanks to medication, the world becomes more reliant on financial donors to fund the ever-growing number of people needing medication. Only a cure can stop the financial drain that treatment perpetuates. Testing and treatment, safer sex and needle-exchange programs remain the greatest tools for stopping the spread of HIV ahead of a global rollout of a cure.


Professor Sharon Lewin
Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases in the Central Clinical School, Monash University; Head of the Infectious Diseases Unit at the Alfred Hospital; Co-Head of the Centre for Biomedical Research at the Burnet Institute; Co-Chair of AIDS 2014 Conference in Melbourne, Australia
Dr Rowena Johnston
Vice President and Director of Research at the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR)

Hosted by Katie Larsen

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